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Au Bombay

5 30/08/2008

Varied and spiced dishes, tasty. Perfect reception, detailed explanations about the various ordered dishes, caring and smiling team while knowing how to remain discrete. Correct prices. Highly advised when you appreciate savours from India. Atmosphere? Nice and smooth. Yes, I sign!

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Le Sot-l'y-Laisse

2 30/08/2008

With let us tons red and dark grey, the restaurant le Sot-l’y-laisse proposes a market Cuisine. Midday ? Buffet with three services. Evening? A la carte or season menu. Well, a little expensive for what it is, and furniture a little too charged for my taste. Tables are very close in my opinion. I am not fan…

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The place has warned us of a significant change in its management (staff, decoration, collection, ...). The previous reviews are probably not more representative.

Palais d'Eté

4 22/08/2008

Finally a nice Chinese restaurant not too “kitsch”! Even if I do like it, sometimes it’s good to be surrounded by a decent atmosphere. I tried the rice table (for 2 persons) which was really worth, but the chart is full of nice Asian smells. I’ll be back, for sure. And the prices are… delicious as well!

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La Petite Marmite

3 22/08/2008

The place allows practically everyone to enjoy an alleviating sight on the Meuse. Pleasant service, vain decoration (although a little too rococo for me) and quality menus. I went for fish and that was the right choice. They have a full chart of it. I did not taste pastries because I was full, but that seemed delicious. Ideal for the businesses lunches!

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Blaise Café

4 22/08/2008

I travel a lot in Belgium, for work. So, in Namur, I found that place… Real Lebanese Cuisine. And believe me, that’s not that easy to find. We were 4 to appreciate that delicious restaurant. Again, I loved the atmosphere, for its simple and pure design. White and light grey… And guess what? The prices are reasonable also! Great, no?

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Le Vismet

5 30/07/2008

That’s one of the best fish restaurants in the Belgian capital. How to describe it? I heard somebody saying “casual-chic”. That’s quite correct. White paper on tables, but real napkins ;-) Charismatic chef who manages his open plan kitchen which is fascinating. Great to observe! Food is fabulous.

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Le Doux Wazoo

5 30/07/2008

I live in Brussels for 15 years now, and restaurants come and go. But the Doux Wazoo has never disappointed me. Don’t look at the menu but trust the chalkboard. You’ll be sure you’ll get the freshest food possible. Wine is a very good value. And food is delicate… No doubt, it’s a place to visit.

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5 30/07/2008

Greek people think that the place is out of price. Compare to what you’ll find in Greece, in a way, that’s correct. But compared to the crappy Greek restaurant you find in Brussels, you won’t be sad to pay the price you actually pay in other restaurants in Brussels for the same food (gastronomy). The food is terrific. And they are specialized in recipes from the north of Greece… Go for it !

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Le Petit Boxeur

4 30/07/2008

Here you’ll find French cuisine. I really loved its small, intimate, candlelit atmosphere. Wine is perfect and food very correct. You’ll choose that place for a romantic dinner more than to start a party evening.

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Tea & Eat - Stassart

4 18/07/2008

It’s been a while that Tea & Eat constitute, in the surroundings of the Louise Avenue, a pleasant place to eat. This restaurant is open only for lunch. The concept, even if known today already, has still something very stylish. By studying the chart, I discovered that on Saturday afternoon, you can taste “High Tea” has genuine British liquid ;-) A special occasion to bring out your old trousers and a wool sweater which doesn’t fit together. Well, the food is fresh and good, even if a bit expensive. But next to the Louise Avenue, so... ;-)

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