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This place is closed


Vehicle Inspection - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


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nemisis50 nemisis50 • 1 review(s)

1 28/09/2011

Rented a Van from this company at the start of the month in Ixelles and had to pay a deposit of €1000 from my Bancontact for the insurance on the Van. Nearly 4 weeks later after calling 10 times , returning to the office 4 times, sending emails etc and still i have not received back the Deposit. Last time i went they even gave me a copy of the email they sent to their so called accounts office requesting the deposit to be paid back straight away. A week later and still nothing received. Have emailed the so called accountant and informed him that payment had better be made by this evening or i will be reporting them to the Police for Theft. So will see, after that i dont know what to do.... anybody have any suggestions or Help would be great. So my word of warning is Use a reputable company to rent a vehicle , not this group of Cowboys .... i will get my deposit back one way or another, for their sake i hope its in my account today.....

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1 04/09/2013

Bonjour, Nous avons récemment loué une camionnette pour un déménagement à TC Location Ixelles... Je ne sais quoi dire si ce n'est de vous déconseiller à tout prix, je n’ai jamais vu un personnel aussi peu commercial, garantie de 1000€ bloqué sans raisons pendant plus d’un mois et demi, à la limite du légal. Première et dernière fois chez eux, à bon entendeur.

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