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Wine - Spirit - Sint-Gillis

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spetiteau spetiteauBeginner member • 1 review(s)

5 09/09/2015

I discovered this store many months ago since it is near to my workplace. What a find! I love unique and different things so Sylvie's store is right up my alley! Whenever I get a chance, I pop into her store and buy a piece of jewelry. She is very nice to chat with and very helpful. In fact, I just went into her store today and she had tons of new items such as stockings, gloves, new handbags and new jewelry. Serena

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Malgo MalgoBeginner member • 2 review(s)

5 19/04/2015

Silvie's jewellery shop was a true discovery when I was once making my way through Gallery Ravenstein towards Gare Centrale. It's a real mine for stunning jewellery items, beautiful handpainted satin scarfs, bags and lots, lots of other unique accessories. Silvie, the shop owner, has a great personality and a big friendly smile, always ready for a chat. Whenever I come to Brussels, I always stop by at this shop and buy myself another statement necklance or gorgeous earrings that I haven't seen anywhere else!

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Malgo MalgoBeginner member • 2 review(s)

5 19/04/2015

Silvie's jewellery shop was a real discovery when making my way though Galerie Ravenstein towards Gare Centrale. It's a true mine for unique jewellery items, handpainted satin scarfs and other accessories that you fall in love with from the fifi1st sight. Silvie, the shop owner, is a great person, always smiling and eager to advise you or just tell you lots of interesting stories and city gossips. Whenever I am in Brussels, I come back there for another statement necklance or gorgeous earings, or simply just to have a great chat!

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Anne Anne • 1 review(s)

5 05/11/2013

Une petite envie de faire plaisir... ou de se faire plaisir: vous êtes au bon endroit!:-) Bijoux que vous serez le seul à posséder, autres accessoires originaux...Un choix impressionnant, de précieux conseils donnés par Sylvie, chaleureuse et accueillante.Silver&More est le seul virus dont on n a aucune envie de se débarrasser!;-)

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laetitia laetitia • 1 review(s)

5 24/07/2013

Entrer dans le magasin de Sylvie c'est m'offrir un moment d'évasion... On y trouve beaucoup de choses (bagues, bracelets, foulards, sacs, montres,...). une adresse incontournable pour les amoureux des belles choses.

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Tea Tea • 1 review(s)

5 10/05/2013

Een heel interessant winkeltje voor als je op zoek bent naar een origineel geschenk, handgemaakt, kleurrijk, uniek en van goede kwaliteit. Ontspannen sfeer, heel vriendelijke verkoopster, een mooi assortiement, zoals lekkere thee en speciale juwelen! je weet niet waar eerst te kijken, je vindt er altijd iets.

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Adelaide Adelaide • 1 review(s)

5 05/02/2013

wow! this look just like the cave of ali baba. and it is! go there to find some small jewels, each ear ring is nicer than the other, scarfs, necklaces, headbands, I don't remember what I wanted when I get in there! moreover, if you work in the neighbourhood and you have an "accident", you can go there to find good thights (and beautiful). they also sell STAMPS watchs, and they have a nice assortment. AND to not spoil things, the lady of the place is a wonderful help when you hesitate and need a piece of advice. prices are good, choice is huge...

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Unsigned review

5 01/07/2013

Mooie originele juwelen en een heel vriendelijke, behulpzame dame ... een aanrader !

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Bijoux en argent - Silver & More by Sylvie B

Shopping Jewelry , accessory , arts & crafts , gifts - souvenirs and perfumery - cosmetics in Brussels city (neighborhood Downtown Brussels)

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