Chez Degrif

Shopping Shoes in Jette


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Chez Degrif
111 Theodore (Châtelain - Bailli)

1090 Jette | Belgium

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Optician - Brussels city

Fashion - Elsene


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109uu3+1mbaoykxpbr315 109uu3+1mbaoykxpbr315Beginner member • 2 review(s)

1 08/01/2015

I refuse to ever go into this shop again: the sales people and manager lady I was confronted with last year behaved in a grossly rude, racist and discriminatory manner. I pointed out that their behavior was illegal, made no human or commercial sense: their response: "we don't care, we do what we want in our shop!". Such behavior came as a true shock to me and I still haven't gotten over the fact that this is possible today in public places in Brussels, the Capital of Europe - my experience with the people of this shop was a confrontation to the ugly side of certain people's soul. Here is my own experience with them: I am an Asian origin male professional often mistaken for being Middle Eastern, and entered with my blond Western wife and her fiend: I had a small closed backpack- my wife and friend had like many other ladies large armbags (larger than my small backpack). I was stopped in the shop and ordered to leave my small backpack at the entrance door to stop theft. I pointed out that the shop was full of ladies with far larger bags than me (including my wife), that I had valuable IT and an expensive camera in my bag and that I had no problem opening my bag to show its content before leaving the shop. This was not possible for them and I was ordered to leave again my small bag at the entrance. When asked why I would have to and other customers around me with their armbags are not subject to the same treatment they told me that statistically people of foreign origin commit more thefts and especially much more men - and I was both- hence I had to leave my bag and the others didn't. They also gave me as a justification the excuse that just the week before a foreign diplomat male working for the EC had been caught with a briefcase lined with aluminium foil trying to steal shoes. Noticing my disbelief they also came up with an extra excuse: women carry in their bags very personal items which men do not... Really - so that makes it all OK then? I pointed out to to the store manager lady the sickening nature of their illegal, racist and discriminatory profiling policy. This is my own experience with this shop- I believe in Karma and the effect of bad deeds on one's future. I wish them a happy future, so I do hope they will change their vile behaviour, but I certainly won't be returning to find out...

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Sherry Rosebud Sherry RosebudBeginner member • 3 review(s)

1 01/06/2011

Photocopied sign on door says "PAS DE CHIEN" (should be plural), over drawing of a menacing bulldog. An assistant rudely confiscates your plastic bags and treats you like a thief. The assistant was dismissive when I pointed out the spelling mistake. So did the other one, saying that everyone understood it! Found nothing suitable. Prices quite high. Won't go again.

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Chez Degrif

Shopping Shoes in Jette (neighborhood Châtelain - Bailli)

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