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BioMotions Osteopathy & Massage Practice Brussels
7 Avenue Henri Pauwels (Georges-Henri | Tomberg)

1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert | Belgium

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Stress Coaching for Body & Mind is a new healthcare approach developed by Tom Meyers and is especially suited for people suffering from the effects of stress.



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Lionel Francis Lionel Francis • 1 review(s)

5 14/04/2012

I came to visit Tom for some heavy stress and mental/emotional difficulties I have been experiencing over the last 3 years, He used reconnective healing upon my request for which I have not had tremendous healing experiences from having used it once in the past. However, this time I noticed a great improvement in mental symptoms and I was able to overcome and let go of things that I needed to let go of and find positivity in my life, whatever these issues were, which is a great start. Now we are thinking of maybe working a bit further on the physical aspects which might have influenced the emotional issues. I like the multiple/interdisciplinary approach that Tom takes to ensure better results! Tom is also a pleasure to talk to, and takes his time. I can thoroughly recommmend him to anyone who has difficulties in life!

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Tom M. Tom M. • 1 review(s)

5 21/07/2008

It was one of those typical days when my energy was low, my shoulders and back ached, I felt on edge, my head seemed as if it was full of clouds and causing pressure inside, work was piling up, decisions had to be made but I felt unable to make any, lacking clarity of vision… I needed some relief, time out, a massage, an energetic boost anything to bring relief, there was no time to loose. I opened the Google search engine, entered 'massage Brussels' and to my surprise it offered 222.000 results! With no time to further precise my search I looked at the list. My eye fell on BioMotions massage - not only was it the first one in the list that did not seem to be associated with anything erotic but also because it mentioned Tom Meyers being an Osteopath! Having had some positive experiences with osteopaths in the past this seemed a good option to be explored further. I was directed to a no-nonsense peaceable (?) website. Tom was indeed an (certified) osteopath who offers a massage that he has invented: it's a massage called BioMotions and refers to 'life in motion', meaning : where there is motion there is life. (maybe explain it with one more sentence? To better connect to next sentence) I sure needed to have life brought back to me and did not hesitate to contact Tom for an appointment. (and decided to contact Tom straight away for an appointment) Tom’s practice is (situated/located) in Woluwé St Lambert, only a few stops from the town centre, easily reached by Metro 1B and only 200m away from the Tomberg metro station. An instant sense of feeling good came over me when entering his practice. A big window facing a beautiful garden. It is decorated with exotic plants and (what Tom explained later) on the walls were extraordinary photos from his travels which he has printed out on canvas and add to the peaceful atmosphere of the practice. I received a personalized massage from head to toe, the warmth of his hands radiating deep in the tissues. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated, lighter, clear minded, more focused… A real treat with a long lasting effect. Great- it was just what I wanted.

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Unsigned review

5 09/10/2011

I am in the last days of writing my book; I noticed how much the stress built up in me and decided to do something about it : I booked a session with Tom who is a master at releasing stress and tensions: I warmly recommend anybody feeling stressed to call him!

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Unsigned review

5 02/02/2011

WOW !!! I am a regular client of Tom! After every treatment I walk out of his practice feeling amazingly great !!! I very much like his holistic approach - he not only takes care of my stiff neck issue but also readjusts my whole spine and checks my posture. Also, he helps my body to deal with stress with a cranio sacral approach called Body-coaching - this always puts me very much at ease and I 'feel at home' in my body again, much better able to deal with daily stress-levels. Great energy in his practice, too !!!

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Stress Coaching for Body & Mind is a new healthcare approach developed by Tom Meyers and is especially suited for people suffering from the effects of stress.

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BioMotions Osteopathy & Massage Practice Brussels

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