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Mig’s World Wines
43 Chaussée de Charleroi (Louise - Stéphanie - Toison d'or)

1060 Sint-Gillis | Belgium

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At Mig's, we are inclusive, not exclusive : - Cheap and expensive wines - Student and Manager clients - In the shop and on line

Ali Baba :

Over 700 wines from over 35 countries, almost 500 spirits, +/- 65 beers, many accessories etc... etc.... The shop could easily be confused with Ali Baba's cave (and we're not talking about the somewhat "brol" aspect of the place!)

Aladin :

And all that is only the tip of the iceberg, because Mig's is independent and has access to thousands of other wines. Whisper in our ears and we will do everything to satisfy your wine desires (and often not in vain!).



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nickis nickisIntermediate member • 18 review(s)

3 15/01/2016

Good choice! But you aim to have too many countries and you donot necessarily have the good bottles for each of the destinations you represent.

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jeannew jeannewBeginner member • 3 review(s)

5 28/02/2014

Welcoming staff, huge variety of wine from the entire (wine-making) world, wine tasting every Saturdays, very nice lessons "Laugh & Learn" in French and English (and other languages if needed). I defififififfififififiinitely recommend a visit at Mig's.

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Mig’s World Wines

Shopping Wine - Spirit in Sint-Gillis (neighborhood Louise - Stéphanie - Toison d'or)

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