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Victoria Cerise Nursery

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Nursery & Kindergarten... Love, Live, Learn !
The Victoria Cerise adventure continues: in January, we are opening a little kindergarten in Woluwé Saint Lambert. Victoria's Kindergarten, bilingual french/english private school will follow the same creative pedagogy as the crèche and will work with the British "Early Years Foundation" program. We look forward to continue taking care of your children after the crèche. Come and discoverer website: For your little one, growing up, is a new adventure every day. They have so much to discover and so many milestones to achieve, beginning with how to live with others. Victoria Cerise is here to help accompany your child though these steps in the most natural way possible. Our facilities are located in calm and harmonious surroundings, where we welcome the children as if they were at home. Starting from the age of three months, they are nurtured by a team of caring professionals so they can grow and develop in wonderful environment. Come and join us in discovering this unique nursery, where growing up is child’s play. Once upon a time Victoria Cerise was created with a vision to provide a place for children to grow; where well being and development are the priority. Our house is decorated with play in mind, using natural materials as far as possible. In the summer our large garden allows children to thrive in nature. At their own pace Each child has his/her place and develops at their own speed. Inspired by the Montessori method, our staff pay particular attention to the development of each child as an individual, adapting their activities appropriately. Our objective is that each child acquires personal autonomy naturally. A bunch of buddies Our nursery opens its doors to children from 3 months and offers various tailored solutions. Toddlers benefit from the support of specialized childcare professionals and the older ones learn socialization skills through activities. We also offer a ‘One Day’ service that can help you out for a short period or just one day depending on our availability. Discover a world of languages Our children will sing, dance and play in all languages, supported by our multilingual staff who speak English, French and Dutch. Early exposure to foreign languages is an asset to future learning. The ‘senior’” class The transition from nursery to school is an important step. That's why we have created a ‘kindergarten class’ where our teaching staff assess the abilities of children before they transition to our ‘school’, where they will be looked after by an accredited kindergarten teacher. In a room designed as a classroom and with teaching space as well as recreation and rest areas, the children can follow their first year of learning in harmony and serenity - the perfect transition from the nursery to a school environment.

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07:30 - 18:30
07:30 - 18:30
07:30 - 18:30
07:30 - 18:30
07:30 - 18:30


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