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Taxis Bleus/ blue cabs
231 Bd Sylvain Dupuis

1070 Anderlecht | Belgium

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Anonymous Anonymous • 0 review(s)

1 21/05/2017

When I book a taxi from my home it is okay. But when I tried to book a cab from brussels they are rude and not helpful and we had to walk half a town to get a cab.

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miejef miejef • 1 review(s)

1 26/05/2014

Horrible service. Today my wife and kids take a taxi blue who start making detours on a route we take twice a week with a cab. I call the cab company to complain and they start shouting at me that it we should talk and discuss this with the driver and she hangs up... No service, dirty cabs, they do not know the city.... poor Brussels

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Jonathan S. Jonathan S. • 1 review(s)

1 16/06/2013

J'ai commandé un taxi 48h en avance en spécifiant avoir besoin d'un grand coffre pour un paquet volumineux. L'opérateur me dit qu'il m'enverra un taxi pouvant accueillir les chaises roulantes et que cela fera l'affaire. Le jourJ à 4h du matin, je rappelle pour vérifier qu'il sera bien à l'heure et l'opérateur me dit qu'ils n'ont pas de tels taxis, me parle comme si j'étais stupide, me conseille d'appeler les taxis verts et me raccroche au nez. Commandez à vos risques et périls.

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Unsigned review

1 20/03/2017

Incompetent, 35' of delay without notice and absolutely arrogant on the phone. Lost the train but they'll get my bill.

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Unsigned review

1 22/02/2016

Terrible service please don't take taxi bleus. Specially the central is very unprofessional, they don't care if they loose customers. There are better taxi services in Belgium.

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Taxis Bleus/ blue cabs

Mobility Taxis and car rental in Anderlecht

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